Drug abuse – Definition, Consequences and Prevention

Drug abuse is described as the usage of substances by the user in larger quantity that hasn’t been prescribed by the doctors. Generally the term indicated is not only restricted for mood-altering and psychoactive drugs but the term drug abuse is also used for illegal use of medicines such as steroids to enhance the performances in competitions. Drugs which are usually abused are in different form, liquids, paints, medicines, paints, etc.

There are different factors which lead to the condition of drug abuse. Firstly, the Drug misuse is a term which is usually used to denote the abuse of drugs. It happens due to several indications. Some of them are ambiguous in the prescription for the user to understand, the user’s will to achieve the intoxication effect by the overdose etc. According to a report about 7 million people are using prescription drugs for non-medical purposes. Mostly, the psychiatric medicines are found to be used as drug misuse. Secondly, the criteria on which the use of the drug is declared as drug abuse. It is questioned that what elements actually make a drug. Even though there are several scientific theories to answer the question. The question is still debated. Also the social and culture play a part here. Several countries don’t consider the use of nicotine and tobacco as drug abuse. In USA and other European countries, if more then one glass of wine is consumed only then it is considered as drug abuse, otherwise it’s not.

There are signs and symptoms that can identify the drug abuse.

The basic symptom logy for the drug abuse is the mental illness. This can occur either is withdrawal state or intoxicated state. One major problem is that even after getting rid of the drugs from the body by the process of detoxification, permanent psychiatric disorders are caused. This may include depression, protracted withdrawal syndrome, delusions, panic attacks etc.

Other common problems caused by the drug addiction can range from, health problems, social problems and it may include; morbidity, injuries, deaths, violence, unsafe sex, accidents, homicides, and addictions. The main issue caused by the drugs is the psychological distortion. It affects the CNS (central nervous system), and immune system of the body. It may lead to damaging the part of the brain which controls coordination.

Drug abuse

Interestingly there are techniques developed in the households of several western countries which are used to determine the possibility of misusing drug among family members. From several reports it is quite clear that hundreds of billion dollars are being spent on the misuse of drugs every year. In the USA more than a thousand billion dollars have been spent on drug abuse over the decade. This figure represents the overall cost of drug abuse. It can be divided into three major components that are, Health costs, productivity losses and non-health direct expenditures. Drug abuse is an explicit crime, sin and vice.

If you want to prevent drug abuse, do not take illegal drugs at all.

Be cautious when taking a prescribed drug which is addictive. Your doctor may prescribe , benzodiazepines to cure insomnia or anxiety, narcotics to relieve pain or barbiturates to reduce nervousness and irritation. Remember, these medications are prescribed at safe doses and should not be taken for too long or more than the given dosage. Talk you your doctor if you feel like you want to take more. Try to engage in other activities to avoid alcohol or addictive drug abuse. Be open to your family especially to your parents and talk about your problems and ask for there support in every situations that our going through.